You can’t drive 3,000 km without a drop of fuel. Why not?

Considered the toughest solar race in the world, the World Solar Challenge invites university teams from around the world to push boundaries with their homemade solar-powered cars through the Australian Outback – racing 3,000 kilometers from Darwin to Adelaide without using a drop of fuel.

Team Sonnenwagen from Aachen University is one of the teams taking part in the year of 2017 race and it’s been powered by Covestro. A partially bio-based coating from PPG protects their vehicle against the temperatures of up to 45 degrees Celsius as well as high UV radiation and high dust content in the Outback region. The refinish coating is made with raw materials from Covestro and is particularly suited to application on body parts made of carbon fiber composites.


Latest updates on Team Sonnenwagen at #BWSC17

Covestro duo Julia and Sabine will follow team Sonnenwagen throughout the race and will monitor the car’s partially bio-based coating - which protects the car from extreme conditions.

Julia and Sabine will share updates on the race from the ground, so follow them and Team Sonnenwagen on the Liveticker and click here to find out more about our duo on the ground.

Our Team on the Ground

Meet our dynamic duo
Wind Power
Sabine Kerssens – a Dutch engineering student intrigued by the interdisciplinary field of technical systems, their lifecycle and their management.

Sabine met the Covestro team while attending an international UNITECH student event in France. Before starting work with Covestro, Sabine moved to Milan for 6 months to study biomedical engineering and met some incredible, inspiring people. She’s excited to be heading to Australia to talk innovation, transport and technological breakthroughs.

Julia Cramer
Julia Cramer – Marketing Manager at Covestro and responsible for the automotive refinish business.

When she took over the management of the Sonnenwagen Project earlier in 2017, Julia never dreamt she’d be following the race from the ground in Australia. Witnessing the impressive milestones reached over the past 9 months, Julia found the entire process, from building the body to driving it on the test truck, incredibly exciting and can’t wait to see how the vehicle performs in Australia.

Team and project backgrounds

Meet Team Sonnenwagen

Among the 42 student teams competing in the race was the Sonnenwagen team from RWTH Aachen University and Aachen University of Applied Sciences, the only German team going to the starting line in the Challenger Class in 2017. With the support of their professors, the group of 40 junior researchers sought to transform their ideas into a reality by establishing the “Sonnenwagen Aachen e.V.” association.

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We produce real solutions for the real world. We are driven by a desire to grow. But we want to do it our way – with smart technologies and products we’re proud of. Products that make our world better and benefit our society and the environment. The future will be what we make of it. Where others see limitations, we see opportunities. We welcome a challenge – the more complex and diverse, the better. “Been there, done that” doesn’t work for us. Our promise: we will never settle down. Let´s make the world a brighter place together.
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Covestro has used high tech materials and advanced technologies to ensure Sonnenwagen is as lightweight and aerodynamic as possible. These materials enhance efficiency, sustainability and creative freedom in designing the body of the vehicle and result in entirely new opportunities for producing increasingly lightweight and aerodynamic automotive components.

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