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      All-in-one passport & identification card concepts for multiple security needs.Why not?
      Showcasing our latest solutions to enable secure passport and identification document constructions leveraging our renowned polycarbonate and specialty films.

      Covestro wants to make the world a brighter place. Identification will be a major driver of this initiative to enable secure citizen authentication in a complex, ever changing world where various instances can put at risk citizen ID documents via alteration, counterfeiting and data tampering. Covestro specialty films are used as a foundation for secure identification card, passport data page and inlay constructions around the world.


      To satisfy the demand for smarter, more durable identity documents we provide films for the integrated passport concept. Our advanced materials offer:

      • improve security document manufacturing processes
      • enable the use of the latest anti-counterfeit applications
      Passport Data Page
      Passport Data Page

      Covestro Makrofol® ID polycarbonate films help create robust data page constructions which can withstand a broad temperature range and accommodate industrial pre-printed features with optimized laser engraving.

      • Makrofol® ID high opaque thin white films allow more security features to be incorporated in the overall PC data page construction (i.e. clear window application, etc)
      • Makrofol® ID superlaser polycarbonate films provide better protection against forgery and counterfeiting with faster laser personalization and enhanced contrast resolution
      Passport TPU Hinge

      Platilon® ID TPU hinge solution ensures data pages cannot delaminate without destruction of the passport. This makes the passport far more secure and durable.

      Makrofol® ID films are the foundation for ultra-secure passport polycarbonate data page construction which can be combined with our multi-layer blown TPU film Platilon® ID for e-passport hinges. The hinge of the data page consists of a multi-layer film composite made of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU).

      • The flexibility of Platilon® ID enables unlimited bending, opening and closing without the appearance of cracks or breaks.
      • Melt behavior and flexibility of Platilon® ID protect the integrated chip and antenna.
      Passport Booklet Cover

      Passport booklets need to withstand the test of time during the document validity period especially for frequent travelers. Concepts optimizing wear and tear resistance can help to improve the durability of the passports.This starts at the booklet cover to protect the main data page and secondary pages within including the chips incorporated in the booklet cover.


      Polycarbonate card bodies offer a high level of security as they are made up of multiple layers of plastic and inseparably fused together using high-temperature and pressure creating a “monolithic block”. This makes it nearly impossible for fraudsters to tamper with the card without damage and leaving tamper evidence. Cards made with Makrofol® ID offer unsurpassed protection against copying and forgery.

      National ID

      With the growing trend in adoption of smartcard chip in national ID cards, polycarbonate substrate is an ideal choice to protect the citizens’ physical personalized data and the digital data incorporated within the smartcard chip (ie. biometrics data, encrypted keys and avenues to communicate with governmental systems electronically).

      National ID cards leveraging Makrofol® ID films can enable enhanced security and last minimum of 10 years which is becoming the standard in the industry for core government identification programs.

      Driver License
      Driver License

      Polycarbonate driver licenses offer many advantages from providing a more secure form of identification document to increasing the durability of the driver’s license itself. This can also help minimize having to re-issue additional cards during the program validity period due to durability of the cards which in turn can provide a better user experience for the citizens.

      Border Crossing Cards
      Border Crossing Card

      Border crossing cards are best positioned for frequent travelers entering and exiting foreign countries across land and sea borders which require durable identification cards.

      More and more identification programs are taking advantage of polycarbonate cards which can enable latest security features during the card construction stage and also through the laser engraving process.

      The laser engraving on polycarbonate substrate can use variable personalized data combined with differentiated security features which are unique for each citizen and traveler.


      More and more identification cards and passport data pages are incorporated with electronic chips today. Governments need to protect their investment beyond the physical document including the electronic chip and the digital contents within such as biometrics data, encrypted keys and applets to interface with government systems (border control, e-government, etc).

      Inlays made with Makrofol® ID polycarbonate films can help to protect the chip and the antenna within. Inlays are an integral component of citizen smartcards which can access electronic services such as automated border control, e-government and other government & identification services.

      Driven by the desire to make the world a brighter and more secure place, Covestro invented solutions for ID and passport applications considering multiple security needs beyond the next decade. With our expertise and our curiosity for innovative material solutions, we offer our customers to always be one step ahead of counterfeiters.

      Innovative Technologies and Products


      Create maximum ID security with a minimum in film thickness

      Makrofol® ID superlaser film with its highly improved properties is well suited for the production of forgery-proof ID cards and documents, which must meet extremely high security requirements.

      Key benefits:

      • Enable very high resolution and contrast for laser engraving personalization
      • Differentiated three-layer structure creating a forensic data set after laser personalization.
      • Excellent performance in clear window applications with high image contrast resolution.
      • Provides equivalent contrast to six times of standard PC laser receptive films
      • Enable time saving during the production process by 20 percent.
      Clear Window
      Clear Window

      Maximum opacity – minimum thickness

      The identification document market is continuously influenced by evolving security features, increasing safety and forgery-proofing. One trend is the integration of clear window technology into card and passport data page constructions as an added security feature. Covestro offers two polycarbonate film solutions for clear windows applications - Makrofol® ID thin white high opaque and Makrofol® ID thick transparent films.

      Key benefits:

      • Easier construction of transparent windows in security documents
      • More space for the integration of additional security features within the polycarbonate card and passport data page constructions
      • Reduced cycle time: faster lamination process due to thinner film layers
      White Polycarbonate

      Makrofol® ID standard white, high opaque thin white and superlaser white polycarbonate films with enhanced properties are well suited for the production of forgery-proof identification documents.

      Makrofol® ID 4-4 010207
      Makrofol® ID 4-4 160016
      Makrofol® ID332 4-4 140014

      Passport TPU Hinge

      Combining highest tear propagation and extreme flexibility with only one film

      Multi-layer Platilon® ID film from Covestro applied in passport hinges can make your next generation e-passport more secure and durable. The thermoplastic polyurethane film (TPU) excellently bonds with polycarbonate films which results in a very long-lasting security document.

      Key benefits:

      • The softening temperature is higher than the softening temperature of Makrofol® ID. Attempts to delaminate Makrofol® ID from Platilon® ID will damage the security elements within passport data page
      • Highly flexible material
      • High tear propagation resistance
      • Easy to process, convert and laminate
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