Tune the world

People need lighter & thinner products

Industries require materials that push the boundaries of what is possible to make their needs a reality. Maezio™, the Continuous Fiber-Reinforced Thermoplastic (CFRTP) Composites from Covestro, is the solution, designed for performance as well as scale.

So far advanced composites have been held back by lack of cost-effective and scalable manufacturing processes, driving up the price and making it difficult to integrate them into high-volume products. But all of this is about to change with Maezio™ – a material of tomorrow that’s strong, light, aesthetically powerful and that can scale sustainably to market.

Maezio™ Brochure

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Maezio™ thermoplastic composites can tune for performance, aesthetics and economies of scale, and therefore can make products in many industries more powerful, allowing them to reach more consumers.

Maezio™ tapes & sheets

Maezio™ thermoplastic composite solutions from Covestro allow you to tune the world, customizing the material to your specific needs.

For tapes we combine strong carbon or glass fibers with the power and flexibility of thermoplastics. The results are composite uni-directional (UD) tapes that are nearly 120 micron thin, and can be laminated together at different angles to form sheets tuned to a specific performance objective.

For sheets, we combine UD tapes at different angles to tune sheets for a specific mechanical performance parameter. These laminates look and sound like metal - but they have all the flexibility of a thermoplastic material.

Maezio™ thermoplastic composites bring designers a new premium material option and engineers tunable performance at scale.

Material of tomorrow

Maezio™ thermoplastic composites can be tuned to be as strong as metal, with a high specific stiffness and strength compared to magnesium and aluminum while being extremely lightweight.

They sound and feel like metal, but offer designers the design freedom of plastics. Maezio™ UD tapes and sheets look amazing right off the production line but they can also be coated, embossed and even laser etched to create beautiful surfaces.

Mechanical Properties & Comparisons

Specific Properties

Properties Maezio™ Composite Carbon Fiber Magnesium Alloy Aluminum
Specific Stiffness +++ +
Specific Strength +++ +
Warp-age Resistance ++ +++
Light Weight +++ +
Fatigue Strength +++ +
Corrosion Resistant ++
Transparent to X-Rays +++
Fire Resistant ++ +++
Material Composites Comparison
Maezio™ Composite Carbon Fiber Epoxy Based Thermoset Composites Carbon Fiber Magnesium & Aluminium Alloy Aluminium CNC
Processing Temperature Medium Low Very High Low
Shelf-life Long
(store at room temp.)
(store at low temp.)
(store at low temp.)
(store at low temp.)
Recyclability Recyclable Difficult Recyclable Recyclable
Cycle Time Short Long Normal Very Long
Density (g/cm3) 1.5 1.5 1.8 2.7
Total cost of finished parts Low High Medium Very High
Surface 'A Class' achievable A Class' proven 'A Class' achievable 'A Class' proven

Finishing Options & Examples

In Mold Textures
In mold textures
Coatings & Branding

Resin + Fiber Combinations

Opaque black resin/ black fibre

Translucent white resin/ black fibre

Translucent grey resin/ gold fibre


In-mould VDI and Moldtech textures

In-mould custom textures and patterns

Sandblasting, CNC and laser cutting/ablation


Paint and clear coat with optional AR/AF functionality

Soft-touch coating



In-mould deboss/emboss

In-mould matte/polished dual finish


Maezio™ thermoplastic composite solutions from Covestro give industries the material tools to push boundaries.

Designed for scalability & sustainability

To make continuous fiber composite materials a realistic solution for large-volume applications, processing costs need to come down. Based on thermoplastics, Maezio™ can be thermoformed with existing thermoforming tools at high yield rates and low cycle times. This is vital when manufacturing scales can be in the range of millions of parts per year.

Maezio™ thermoplastic composites are also sustainable. At the end of their life, they can be reground and used in an injection molding process for chopped fiber composite materials. Beyond reuse in injection molding, advanced solutions, such as cost-effective fiber extraction, also exist.

We work with you to make it happen

Injection Molding

Sheet-based thermal compression molding

Existing thermoplastic injection molding production lines can be easily modified to use thermoplastic composite sheets, and back-molding technologies allow the introduction of hooks, bosses and other features.

Automated Tape Laying (ATL) and Automated Fiber Placement (AFP)

Tape-based thermal compression molding

For larger parts with gaps & complex geometries, our partners help provide ATL (Automated Tape Laying) and AFP (Automated Fiber Placement) solutions that further optimize the fiber orientation, minimize the amount of waste and maximize efficiency.

Process & Performance Advantages
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