Materials inspiring future design? Why Not.
Pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation
By providing high-tech materials and technologies which form the foundation for future concepts, Covestro can take your project to the next level. We have partnered with designers at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit and Umea Institute of Design in Sweden to develop mind-bending interior concepts for future autonomous vehicles, as well as an autonomous, electric vehicle concept, which showcase innovative and bold materials solutions for future mobility interiors and exteriors. As part of Covestro’s vision, we want to aid all designers in applying new materials in areas and products where they haven't been implemented before. With our expertise and enabling technologies we can push the boundaries of creativity and innovation.

“At Covestro we firmly believe industrial designers can and should make the world a brighter place.”

John Skabardonis, Strategic Marketing Communications – Healthcare & Design Outreach

The Core77 Design Awards

We are supporting the Core77 Design Awards, which annually recognize excellence in all areas of design enterprise and champion the principles of inclusivity, innovation and excellence across 14 distinct design disciplines.

The Covestro Materials Prize, specifically, selects a winning project that executes the most thoughtful approach to using polycarbonate and/or polycarbonate blend materials. Astro Studios, the designers of the Mira Prism AR headset, was recently recognized for the game-changing device which layers digital content over the real world, with the 2018 Core77 Covestro Materials Prize.

Design Award Celebrations were a hit


Our versatile polycarbonate materials are integral to a wide range of life-saving and life-enhancing products medical professionals and patients rely on each and every day from insulin pens and pumps, inhalers, and renal care and blood management devices to wearable devices, heart defibrillators, and intravenous access components (and so much more).

Connected Health

Consumers increasingly use electronics to monitor their health and well-being, and doctors and hospitals rely more on connected devices to monitor patients. The industry now faces the challenges of changing consumer behavior and technology convergence towards “Connected Healthcare”. Consumers want their healthcare and wellness devices to function similar to the electronics they use in their everyday lives, like smartphones . With Covestro’s expertise in Medical and Electronics we are here to help…

Covestro is working with designers to create concepts for trends affecting the healthcare industry. In this case, the future connectivity of drug delivery devices is being visualized in a number of ways. We are considering:

Legacy drug delivery devices that will need to be connected (to Healthcare providers, pharmacies, etc. via the Internet of Things) in the near future.

Brand new devices that will have built-in connectivity.

New connected drug delivery devices with form factors that are different from the traditional “pen” shape. Each concept serves to inspire the future of connected drug delivery and help visualize how life-enhancing materials from Covestro can bring designers’ ideas to reality.


With technical support from Covestro experts, Umea Institute of Design ( Sweden ) students developed completely new ideas for design and functionality that expanded past design concepts and materials utilization. Their contributions played a key role in the design of the electric concept vehicle we displayed at the K2016 trade show.

We also partnered with design students at the College for Creative Studies (Detroit), to visualize how materials can inspire the design of future autonomous vehicle interiors.

Materials inspiring autonomous vehicle interior design

As the automotive industry prepares for the emergence of autonomous vehicles, more attention than ever is focused on vehicle interiors. With the vehicle driving itself after all, every passenger in such a vehicle will be able to engage in whatever activity he or she desires. What will the interiors of future autonomous vehicles look and feel like? Here are some ideas from top automotive design students.

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"Covestro materials allow industrial designers to showcase their creative prowess and bring their visions to reality"

Cecile Giroux - Adjunct Professor, College for Creative Studies

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