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      Challenge the limits of solar racing. Why not?
      It’s a race of extremes. Drivers have to trek over 3000 km through the Australian desert, face temperatures of up to 45 °C, and contend with the Australian wilderness. And all without a drop of fuel.

      The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge may be “the toughest solar race on earth” but the young university engineers taking part aren’t afraid of a challenge – and neither are we. That’s why Covestro will be serving as the main sponsor of Team Sonnenwagen from RWTH Aachen University and FH Aachen in this year’s World Solar Challenge.

      After reaching the finish line at the race in 2017 as “Best Newcomer,” the team has been working harder than ever to roll out a second-generation Sonnenwagen, and we’re excited to partner with them and push the boundaries of what’s possible in sustainable e-mobility solutions of the future.

      Using our innovative materials and technical expertise, we’re helping the students develop smart solutions to improve the Sonnenwagen’s safety, weight and aerodynamics. The result? A vehicle that brings us one step closer to traveling at the speed of light.

      Explore innovative materials within the Sonnenwagen!

      "Sustainability is a core component of our corporate strategy, and solar mobility can make an important contribution to climate protection and the conservation of fossil resources. That is why we are supporting this ambitious project and intensifying our cooperation with the Sonnenwagen team. We use our innovative materials to provide solutions for future mobility. With this project, we are also promoting young talent.”
      Dr. Markus Steilemann
      Dr. Markus Steilemann

      CEO of Covestro

      Sonnenwagen at World Solar Challenge 2019


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      Day 3

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      Stay up to speed

      Live updates from the Sonnenwagen Team

      Do you have a Spotify account? Curious to know more about the story behind Sonnenwagen?

      Then have a listen to this podcast to find out from our very own Markus Mechtel how cutting-edge e-mobility solutions are making for a more sustainable future.

      Open Spotify Podcast

      Our Covestro contact on the ground

      Julia Cramer – Marketing Communication Key Account Manager at Covestro and Sonnenwagen Project Lead.
      Julia Cramer

      When she took over the management of the Sonnenwagen Project in 2017, Julia never dreamt she’d be following the race from the ground in Australia. Over the past two years, Julia has been an integral part of the process, from overseeing the first car designs to testing the finished vehicle and helping to select the right materials for the best performance. After witnessing these exciting milestones, she can’t wait to see how the new vehicle performs in Australia this year.

      Let´s make something that really matters.
      Why not?
      We produce real solutions for the real world. We are driven by a desire to grow. But we want to do it our way – with smart technologies and products we’re proud of. Products that make our world better and benefit our society and the environment. The future will be what we make of it. Where others see limitations, we see opportunities. We welcome a challenge – the more complex and diverse, the better. “Been there, done that” doesn’t work for us. Our promise: we will never settle down. Let´s make the world a brighter place together.
      Join Covestro today

      The Sonnenwagen is just one example of what our technologies can achieve – if you’re interested in hearing more about what we do, we’d be delighted to get in touch!

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