Covestro materials enrich our everyday life
Smart opportunities all around

When it comes to our personal environments, we place great value on smartness, individuality, style, quality, and sustainability: traits that might not be the first to come to mind when thinking about plastics. And yet Covestro brings them together in the creation of high-tech materials that surround us each day and everywhere we go.

Our solutions inspire and enable manufacturers of household goods, fashion articles, technical devices, and many other consumer items to develop products that promote our health and fitness, and provide more efficiency, comfort, and elegance for our everyday lives.

Living comfort in line with nature

Material solutions for functional and sustainable homes

Covestro materials make homes cozy, attractive and energy-efficient at the same time.

Our home is probably the most important and personal place for every one of us. We want to make it as cozy, attractive, and functional as we can, and at the same time save resources such as heat and electricity wherever possible. Covestro helps to achieve these goals in various areas of our residential environment, e.g. with materials for heavy-duty lighting systems, insulation foam for highly efficient kitchen appliances, and water-based furniture coatings.

Where Covestro materials make the difference

  • Whether it’s kitchens, bathrooms or the garden – furniture is exposed to environmental influences every day. A high-performance coating is a vital requirement to maintain furniture quality over the long term. But production of the traditionally applied coatings requires the use of purely fossil-based resources, forcing to choose between natural products with low performance or petro-based products with high performance.

    Bio-based coating features a far improved carbon footprint at the same excellent perfomance as conventional coatings.

    Covestro found a solution to this challenge. In a ground-breaking project with two partners – coatings supplier SIRCA S.p.a. and furniture manufacturer RiFRA Milano s.r.l. – we developed a hydrophilic hardener with 66% bio-content and tested it on one of RiFRA’s new furniture collections. The final coating provides the same excellent performance as conventional fossil-based coatings, but features a far improved carbon footprint.

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  • A special grade of the high-performance polycarbonate Makrolon® that is used for LED lamps.

    In the area of lighting, we also contribute to more living comfort. One example: a special grade of the high-performance polycarbonate Makrolon® that is used for LED lamps manufactured by our partner Vlux s.p.r.l. The material is especially well suited for damp and dusty environments such as parking garages. Thanks to this innovative material, the lamps feature outstanding weather resistance and illuminate dusty areas for a clear view.

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  • Rigid polyurethane foam saves food from spoiling with less energy needed.

    The outstanding thermal insulation properties of rigid polyurethane foam based on raw materials from Covestro make it the material of choice for insulating kitchen appliances such as refrigerators and freezers.

    The material thereby saves food from spoiling with less energy needed, contributing to sustainability and reducing food waste at the same time.

“Thanks to an optimal relation of toughness and weight, our composites are the ideal choice for the manufacturing of electronic devices that are at the same time thin, light and robust.”
David Hartmann, Head of Polycarbonates Composites Business Covestro

Next-generation materials for next-generation devices

Thermoplastic composites in high-end consumer electronics

Today, technical devices are much more thaneveryday objects. That’s why, when it comes to consumer electronics, materials need to be thin, lightweight yet robust, of high quality, and, of course, very stylish. Tablets and smartphones consisting of glass or metal might have a nice appearance, but they are heavy and limited in design.

Covestro is pushing forward the development of so-called Continuous Fiber-Reinforced Thermoplastic Composites (CFRTP) – a completely new composite technology based on thermoplastics and carbon fibers. The result is a material that combines the positive features customers require – most importantly lightness and toughness. And it enables manufacturers of thin-walled housings and other components to combine a fashionable design with an authentic feel and sustainable materials.

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“In order to meet future needs for our apparel, footwear, furniture and motor vehicles, the textile industry must combine beauty, functionality and sustainable production methods. INSQIN® waterborne polyurethane enables just this magic combination.”
Nick Smith, Head of Textile Coatings, Covestro

An attractive look meets function and sustainability

Contributions to sustainable textiles along the whole value chain

A stylish look and a luxurious feel, sophisticated functionalities, and the highest sustainability standards: consumer expectations regarding their fashion choices have never been higher.

Covestro is facing this challenge with a new generation of coatings for textiles. INSQIN® is the name of our high-performance waterborne polyurethane technology that provides a myriad of possibilities for the treatment and finishing of textiles without wet processing and solvents. In this way, the water consumption during the coating process can be reduced by up to 95 percent and energy consumption by up to 50 percent.

What’s more, we offer a holistic model of cooperation, inviting manufacturers and brand owners along the whole value chain to jointly set new standards for the textiles of the 21st century.

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