Covestro & Eishockey
We’re a proud partner of the Deutsche Eishockey Liga

Covestro and the DEL


Covestro has been an official premium partner of the Deutsche Eishockey Liga (German Ice Hockey League, or DEL) since the 2016/2017 season. The company and the league entered into a four-year partnership.

The Covestro logo appears on various surfaces: underneath the ice in all DEL arenas in Germany, on the referees‘ helmets, as well as on the backdrops for TV interviews. The partnership was expanded for the 2017/2018 season. In all 14 DEL locations, the kick plate is branded with the six Covestro colors. Covestro is also be present on the official puck of all DEL games.

The Deutsche Eishockey Liga

Clubs and rules of competition

The DEL is the top-tier professional league in German ice hockey, and it currently has 14 member teams: EHC Red Bull München, Adler Mannheim, Thomas Sabo Nürnberg Ice Tigers, Kölner Haie, Grizzlys Wolfsburg, Augsburger Panther, ERC Ingolstadt, Eisbären Berlin, Straubing Tigers, Fischtown Pinguins Bremerhaven, Düsseldorfer EG, Schwenninger Wild Wings, Iserlohn Roosters, and the Krefeld Pinguine.

A season is divided into two parts: the regular season and playoffs. During the regular season, all 14 clubs play against each other four times. Each team plays 52 games. The rankings at the end of the regular season determine which teams advance to the playoffs. Teams in 1st – 6th place qualify directly for the playoffs. Teams in 7th – 10th place compete in pre-playoffs for the remaining two playoff spots. In the end, a total of eight teams qualify for the playoffs. For the rest of the teams, the season is over.

The rankings determine who plays against whom. In the quarter-final, the first-place team plays against the eighth-place team, second against seventh, third against sixth, and fourth against fifth. A team wins the round and advances after beating its opponent four times (best-of-seven format). A match between two teams can last between four (four wins in a row, 4:0) and seven games (team wins the round with four wins and three losses, 4:3).

Teams generally alternate between playing at home and away, but the team with the higher regular-season ranking has the right to play at home for Games 1, 3, 5, and 7 (if necessary), so it always starts the playoffs in front of its home audience.

The rules are explained (in German) more fully here, with examples from the 2016/17 season.


The only thing that ice hockey has in common with soccer is that both sports involve round objects going into goals. Otherwise, there are many differences between the two games. This video (in German) explains some of ice hockey’s special features and what you should watch for.

Ice hockey: streaming or broadcast TV

The media presence of the Deutsche Eishockey Liga has changed significantly since the 2016/2017 season. All DEL games can be watched live, through streaming or on broadcast TV. With a subscription, you can watch games online, either live or on demand. We investigated the different options for you, to help you stay on top of things. Here are two viewing models:

Model 1
Telekom Sport

You’re a true ice hockey fan and don’t want to miss a game. In this case, the only option for you is Telekom Sport. Deutsche Telekom streams all DEL games, including the playoffs, online, both live and on demand. For Telekom customers, this option is free.

Model 2

You’d like to watch a game now and then and prefer classic TV over streaming. The Sport1 network has announced that this season it will broadcast at least 40 DEL games live. This will usually be a game each Sunday at 4:30 p.m. An exact overview of Sport1, Sport1+, and Sport1 US programming is available here.

“Ice hockey is a very intense and dynamic sport; playing takes a lot of courage. Courage plays a large role at Covestro as well, and it is one of our company values. We’re proud to represent the chemical and plastics industry as a partner to the DEL and the sport of ice hockey.”

Dr. Markus Steilemann, member of the Covestro Board of Management responsible for Innovation, Marketing and Sales

Covestro & ice hockey

High-tech materials for top performance

Covestro ranks among the world’s leading suppliers of premium polymers. We develop high-tech materials for top performance. Our products are used in many areas of modern life, including the sporting goods industry.

Ice hockey is an outstanding fit for bringing the potential of our products and innovative solutions to life. The world’s fastest team sport is characterized by the use of many different plastics, more than nearly any other team sport.

An ice hockey puck can travel up to 175 kilometers per hour. Visors made from transparent polycarbonate from Covestro protect all DEL referees.

Polycarbonate visors

High-performance materials for extreme conditions

Ice hockey is a fast, physical game in which players confront their opponents directly. Hard materials that need to withstand extreme forces are part of the game. As a manufacturer of high-performance plastics, Covestro represents its industry in the sport of ice hockey.

One example of this are the helmet visors, which are made from polycarbonate. Beginning with the 2017/2018 season, the referees now wear helmet visors made from impact-resistant Covestro material, which offers special protection if a puck hits the visor.

Plastics are generally part of all ice hockey equipment, including shoulder pads and shin guards. Through its partnership with the DEL, Covestro and its products can help to make the game of ice hockey safer and more innovative.

Covestro’s ice hockey activities at a glance

Winter Game

DEL Winter Game sponsored by Covestro

The atmosphere at the 2017 Winter Game was simply superb. The audience witnessed Adler Mannheim’s spectacular 7:3 victory over the Schwenninger Wild Wings. Covestro, the DEL’s new premium partner, was even more satisfied. The company logo was everywhere: on the ice, on the boards, and even the Covestro hot-air balloon was on site.

Wintergame 2017

At this extraordinary event, the game wasn’t played indoors, but rather at an open-air soccer stadium. It offered the perfect backdrop for introducing the partnership between Covestro and the DEL to a large audience (30,000 spectators). What’s more, the roof that protected spectators at the Sinsheim arena from wind and rain is made largely from Makrolon, another Covestro material.

DEL Ice Gala

Ice Gala: Covestro presents the Robert Müller Fair Play Trophy

Fairplay Trophy

The DEL honored teams, players and distinguished personalities from the world of ice hockey at the large Ice Gala that took place at the end of the 2016/2017 regular season. Covestro was present for the first time as a premium partner at the German Sports and Olympics Museum in Cologne. The company presented the Robert Müller Fair Play Trophy to the winner of the category “Fairest Team in the League.”

The award went to the Schwenninger Wild Wings, who also received a cash prize of 10,000 euros. The trophy is named after Robert Müller, goaltender for the German national team who passed away at an early age. During his lifetime, he was an outstanding advocate for fairness, sportsmanship and humanitarianism.

Future Camp

DEL Future Camp: Covestro supports youth players

Supporting the next generation of players is a priority for the Deutsche Eishockey Liga. That’s why each year it holds Future Camps for the strongest youth players from the DEL clubs. As a premium league partner, Covestro was also involved with the camps this year, working together with Deutsche Telekom to provide matching jerseys for professional training.

Ice hockey is one of the few team sports that combine two different disciplines. In addition to playing hockey, players must be able to skate very well. Without this ability, even players with the best instincts for scoring are useless. And the earlier that children learn to skate, the better.

In 2017, for example, around 60 boys in the U12 (under 12 years old) and U14 (under 14 years old) age groups participated in the Future Camp in Iserlohn. Wearing black jerseys with a large Covestro logo, the stars of tomorrow shot, dribbled, skated and much more.

Safety Day

Safety Day 2017: DEL stars visit Covestro staff in North Rhine-Westphalia

On Safety Day (August 29, 2017), ice hockey stars visited three Covestro sites in North Rhine-Westphalia: Leverkusen, Dormagen, and Krefeld. In Leverkusen, for example, longtime Kölner Haie stars Mirko Lüdemann and Tino Boos were on site. The two players chatted with Covestro employees, posed for selfies, and shared a few humorous anecdotes from their time with the DEL. As a special highlight of their visit, the top skaters played a few games of air hockey against the colleagues in Leverkusen.

Well-known players also came to the other two sites. In Krefeld, it was Patrick Seifert from the Krefeld Pinguine. Stephan Daschner from the Düsseldorfer EG paid a visit in Dormagen. The goal of the day was to provide Covestro employees with an informative experience about the partnership with the DEL.

Stars & Skills

Official opening of the DEL season in Mannheim

“We’ve already achieved a lot, and we would like to do even more.”
This is how Matthias Poth, Head of Communications, summed up the partnership between Covestro and the DEL during a press conference in Mannheim at the start of the new season. As Poth described, the first year of cooperation has been extremely successful, with great potential for the future.

DEL Stars & Skills 2017 in der SAP Arena

Covestro’s involvement wasn’t the only reason for looking forward to the upcoming season. As part of the season opening, the players showed off what they could do in the traditional Stars & Skills competition. In a team challenge and competitions called “The Hands,” “The Hammer,” and “The Blitz,” the top players demonstrated their extraordinary talents to club and media representatives.

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