Smart packaging, higher energy density
Electric Vehicle
Battery Packaging

Why battery packaging matters

On the road to global electrification of transport, it is clear that batteries play a central role. But it is packaging that allows batteries to deliver their value: safe, cost-efficient, versatile and dependable energy to power electric vehicles. At Covestro, we understand that although packaging is needed your goal is to minimize whatever does not add to energy density. This is why we develop polycarbonate-based materials, with proven toughness and versatility, to meet the most demanding battery packaging requirements as efficiently as possible.

“Less packaging is better, but batteries cannot deliver their value without it.”
Ignacio Osio, PhD

Why polycarbonate-based packaging?

For electric vehicle battery packaging, no other engineering thermoplastic can bring what polycarbonates offer:

  • A proven track record of performance. Polycarbonates are already the material most commonly used in packaging Li-ion cells whether for electronics or electric vehicles.
  • Unmatched versatility when compared to other engineering plastics. Achieving high energy density requires a packaging material that is tough, easy-to-process and ultimately able to unify tasks and reduce component count.
  • Most competitive value. With a large installed global production capacity your application can grow uninterrupted at the lowest possible cost and still benefit from formulation improvements and optimization.

Smart packaging starts with the right materials

To design the best battery packs, engineers need to balance the need to maximize energy density while keeping cells safe and cool. The right materials allow the best designs to emerge. And no other material offers the versatility polycarbonates have to offer. From cooling devices to pack enclosures, Covestro is ready to support your product development efforts with the right formulations and advanced applications development expertise.

  • Cooling Plate

    Cooling plate

    New thermally conductive polycarbonates allow the design of innovative cooling plates that are partially or fully plastic. Such designs enable integration of complexity and components.

    Molded-in Channels

    Moldedin channels

    What if you could integrate water-glycol cooling channels into cell holders? new conductive and hydrolyses-stable polycarbonates allow such designs.

    Dielectric Cooling

    Flooding and cooling an entire battery module with a dielectric fluid can be achieved with a hermetically-sealed laser-welded polycarbonate enclosure.

  • Prismatic Cell Covers

    Prismatic cell covers

    Flame retardant PC/ABS formulations offer the best value for prismatic battery cell covers for prismatic cells.

    Pouch Cell Frames

    Pouch cell frame

    Frames that provide structural support can be made of flame retardant PC/ABS or even thermally conductive formulations for mechanical integrity and heat management.

    Cylindrical Cell Holders

    Cylindrical cell holders

    Bayblend FR3040 offers the best processability for the thin walls required in cylindrical cell holders. New formulations can also improve thermal management.

  • Top Cover

    Top cover

    Large part manufacturing is now possible with specially formulated FR PC/ABS that completely bypass the issues normally faced in top covers made of semi-crystalline resins and thermosets.

    Underbody Tray

    Underbody tray

    Covestro polyurethane and composite manufacturing technology is available as a new and exciting alternative to metal underbody structures.

    Crash Absorber

    To avoid vehicle side-impact and battery damage, leading OEMs are already using Covestro PC-blends which maintain their toughness over a wide range of temperatures.

  • Exposed Packaging

    Exposed packaging

    Many e-mobility applications for light electric and utility vehicles required modular and exposed battery housings that need to be tough, versatile and UV-stable.

Get in contact with our experts

Ignacio Osio

Global Manager Electric Vehicle Battery Packaging

Julian Marschewski

EMEA Manager Electric Vehicle Battery Packaging

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