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CES in Review

You may recall it was a busy week in Las Vegas. If at CES, you navigated 3,900 exhibitors and 48 football fields worth of exhibition space attended by over 180,000 people. Woah indeed! In the most recent edition Color and Design Newsletter, we take a look back at CES as an event, the technologies on display, and the insights that will carry us through an exciting 2018.

“To lead or become obsolete is the challenge facing today’s electronics brands. Partnering with reliable experts who recognize fast moving trends and changing consumer demands can mean the difference between a material and a solution.”
Joel Matsco, Electronics Market Manager, North America

Covestro x Design Trends

Just as designers and manufacturers strive to satisfy the color and design preferences of end users, Covestro is working to meet the CMF (Colors, Materials & Finishes) needs of its customers. In partnership with YANG DESIGN, a recognized design consultancy service provider who publishes a yearly design trendsreport, Covestro uses its polycarbonate plastics to bring the design trends into life.

What you see in this color book are the color trends through 2018 under three macrothemes: iDimension, Fine Distance, and Sense Beyond.

By staying in-tune with the latest design trends, Covestro provides designers with an up-to-date range of color and special effect options. Consider what is possible through the use of unique lighting effects with Covestro materials. Our Color Competence & Design experts, located in facilities around the world, can quickly and efficiently support your design and color needs.

Materials inspiring future design? Why not.

Matching Innovation and Purpose

No matter the product, Covestro helps bring purposeful innovation to life and into the real world. Different devices have different demands. From light and durable, to sturdy and reliable for constant performance, to rapid design evolution, Covestro is the insightful partner leading the designs of tomorrow.

  • These devices are integral to everyday life with frequent and demanding levels of interaction.

    Covestro’s intelligent material can meet the aesthetic needs of thinness, texture, colour and finish to stand apart from the crowd. All while maintaining the physical requirements of stability, flame resistance and more.

    Discover more on the Product Center for Plastics.

  • These devices are integral to everyday life although. We do not interact with them directly or frequently.

    Everyday devices need to be reliable and ready to be accessed in different environment. Covestro’s intelligent materials fit that need by with its strength, toughness, durability and overall well-rounded properties.

  • The form and use of these devices are constantly being innovated while getting embedded deeper into our daily lives.

    Tomorrow's devices are developed with today’s materials in mind. Which is why intelligent, flexible materials are necessary to bring this next generation of products to life.

  • We always have a smart phone within reach, and we now expect our cars to be smart, too. The Internet of Things (IoT) – where products, devices and vehicles connect with each other and the internet to exchange data – is moving from a high-end luxury to a must-have.

    Innovative new technologies and changing attitudes toward personal transportation are fueling three growing trends – electric vehicles, autonomous vehicles and ridesharing – which are dramatically altering the Future of Mobility. Covestro is playing a pivotal role; collaborating with industry leaders and developing innovative materials and technologies that will help advance these mobility trends.

    Read more

  • Consumers increasingly use electronics to monitor their health and well-being, and doctors and hospitals rely more on connected devices to monitor patients. The industry now faces the challenges of changing consumer behavior and technology convergence towards “Connected Healthcare”. Consumers want their healthcare and wellness devices to function similar to the electronics they use in their everyday lives, like smartphones . With Covestro’s expertise in Medical and Electronics we are here to help …

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Let's Talk

Joel Matsco

Electronics Market Manager, North America

Guenther Walze

Global Electronics Technology Manager

Kris Lillibridge

Electronics Account Manager, North America

Paul Platte

Automotive Market Manager, North America

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